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Hi, I’m Morgan! 

In my seven years of flower farming and floral design work, I’ve found that flowers are a unique mediator, offering both a soul-feeding beauty and a connection to the earth and to the people with whom we share them! 


My floral design style has been formed by the natural world, by seeing how flowers grow.  I tend to let the flowers tell me how they fit best in an arrangement, acting perhaps as an anchoring bloom or dancing off to the side.  Words that I often use to describe my work are organic, loose and whimsical, which is what I see most often in my flower fields! 

Our Floral Service Options
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Full Service Floral Design 

This option is for couples that are interested in ceremony and reception flowers along with personal flowers.  If you do not want to worry about the details of picking up and or setting up your flowers, consider our Full Service, fully customizable option.  Full Service Florals include a phone consultation, delivery and set up of all flowers and installations.  Creekside’s Full Service Floral Design package requires a $3000 minimum floral budget.  If you are interested in this route, please fill out our full serice questionnaire and we will get back with you to set up a phone consultation!   


DIY Buckets

This option is for budget conscious couples who are flexible and creative.  DIY Buckets are generally available from mid May to September.  Each DIY Bucket has about 80 stems and contains a mixture of focal flowers, filler flowers and foliages.  We offer 3 color palettes for our DIY buckets--Soft and Subtle, Bright and Cheery, and Autumnal and Moody.  Each bucket is $125 plus tax.  If you are interested in placing a DIY Bucket order please fill out our order form and we will accept or decline your order based on our availability!

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