Creekside understands the unique preferences of each couple and seeks to meet those needs.  

Generally, Creekside offers two options for flowers:

Option 1-Signature package

Fresh flowers arranged by Creekside. As a local flower farm, Creekside seeks to use in season flowers grown on the farm, however, we may purchase flowers not grown on the farm upon your request.

Option 2-DIY

Fresh flowers arranged by you. You purchase buckets of flowers from Creekside and make your own arrangements.  These flowers will be what is in season at the time of your wedding and creekside will do its best to honor two of your wedding colors. Buckets will contain a variety of greenery, filler flowers and a few focal blooms. One bucket is enough flowers for 2-3 bridal bouquets.

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Please fill out the form on the right if you are interested in or have questions about using Creekside Flower Farm for your wedding day!  

We only book one wedding a weekend so be sure to book in advance.  

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