Join Creekside's Flower CSA/Subscription!

What is a Flower CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Creekside offers you the opportunity to join its community by purchasing a CSA share. In the same way that you can buy shares of a company, Creekside offers shares of its flower crop.  


There are two types of shares that you can purchase: a BOUQUET share or a BUCKET share.  

Click on the CSA Store sub-tab to purchase your share! 

Bouquet shares offer an exquisite large arrangement of in season flowers wrapped in brown paper ready to be put into a vase.  

Spring Bouquet Share
Summer Bouquet Share
Fall Bouquet Share
Full Season Bouquet Share (May-Oct)

Bucket shares offer a 6 quart size bucket filled with an array of filler flowers, greenery and focal flowers.  

Bucket shares are ideal if you enjoy arranging your own flowers.

Full Bucket Share
Half Bucket Share

Buying a share of Creekside's flower crop is a high-reward investment.

However, farming can be a risky business due to the dependence on and vulnerability to natural elements.  Creekside believes the risk is worth the potential reward.  In purchasing a share of Creekside's flower crop you are intimately connecting yourself with the risks and rewards of farming.

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