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Dahlia Tuber FAQs

How much is shipping?

We've opted fora a flat rate $17 shipping no matter how many tubers you order.  This encourages larger orders and streamlines things on our end.


Perhaps you are wondering, what is a dahlia tuber?
That's a great question!  A dahlia tuber looks and acts in some ways like a potato (both are edible but we wouldn't recommend eating these tubers).  Tubers are generally a tan color with an oblong shape.  In order for a tuber to be viable and to produce flowers it has to have an eye.  The eye of the tuber is always on the end of the tuber (previously the end that was connected to the stalk).  Each of our tubers will have an eye!

When, where and how do you plant dahlia tubers? 
It is best to plant dahlia tubers after the last spring frost (this is dependent on your region).  Dahlias like to be planted in full sun with soil that drains well.  The number one failure of growing dahlias is soil that is too wet which causes the tubers to rot in the ground.  Dahlias can be a bit fickle, they love sun but not heat and thus they thrive in the fall when the nights are a bit cooler.  Bloom production generally increases in the fall.  Planting a dahlia tuber is easy and you will receive planting instructions with your purchase.  Simply dig a 5-8" hole the width of the dahlia tuber horizontally.  We recommend adding 1Tbs of bone meal to the hole before placing the tuber in the hole (lying on its side with the eye facing up).  Cover the tuber back up with dirt and do not water it until you see green shoots coming out of the ground!  After green shoots begin to emerge (2-4 weeks from planting), water 1-2 times a week or as needed based on your climate.  

How many flowers will I get from my tuber?  
The number of blooms depends on the variety of tuber.  Generally the bigger the bloom (cafe au laits are huge and worth it) the less blooms you will get.  Part of the reason I love Cornel dahlias is because they produce a ton of smaller (3-4") blooms!  

Do dahlias come back every year?
Dahlias are a semi-tender perennial, meaning that they can withstand some cool temperatures (mild winters) but do not like it when the ground freezes--they freeze too!  If you live in a climate with mild winters, you can leave your dahlia tubers in the ground and they will likely come back (weather dependent--lots of rain, they may rot).  My farm is in Flintstone, Georgia, zone 7b, I have had success leaving dahlias in the ground though some have rotted.  If you live in a climate with cold winters, consider digging your dahlia tubers and storing them in a cool, not cold space.  Be on the lookout for a digging and dividing tutorial from Creekside fall 2022!

If I order dahlia tubers, when will I get them?
Your dahlia tubers are currently being stored in my temperature controlled walk in cooler--our goal is to have all order shipped by May 10th!

What happens if my tuber doesn't produce flowers? 
We want you to succeed at growing dahlia tubers and so we will only provide you with viable dahlia tubers (with eyes) that we would plant in our own field!  We do not offer refunds for dahlia tubers.  

Can I pre-preorder tubers? Can I pay via venmo? Will you save me some? 
Unfortunately the answer to all of these questions is "no."  Running a small business is fun because I do know many of you, however, in order to keep my processes and brain functioning I need stream-line systems.  My website is one of these systems that I have put in place to help keep orders, payment, etc organized! 

What happens if the tubers rot in Creekside's walk in cooler? 
This is a possibility and something we've been keeping a close eye on.  If for some reason, we have less tubers than we have accounted for, we will refund the tubers that you do not receive.  We fill orders in the order that they are placed.  

Where all do you ship dahlia tubers and what method of shipping?
We ship within the USA, except to Hawaii and Alaska using USPS.  

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