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Creekside Flower Farm was born from an appetite for beauty and a need for place.  There is  power in place, in belonging to the land and people that surround us.  Our mission is to cultivate beauty and belonging.  We hope that in growing and sharing our flowers we will become what Wendell Berry calls, "placed people."  

Morgan Sharpe, Owner and Operator

I began my search on craigslist, looking for old wooden windows. It was March and  I was bent on building a beautiful greenhouse. With childhood memories of planting my own 3'x3' plot in my family's garden, I was eager to watch seedlings come to life in my small sun-soaked house. They say you should talk to your plants, that your breath gives them life, but I found a mutual giving and receiving of life. The idea of flower farming was planted by Jill at The Barn at High Point Farms. She and I agreed, that flowers next to a wedding venue was an ideal pairing. After winning a portion of Covenant College's Seed Project start up funds, I started Creekside Flower Farm.  

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