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Creekside Flower Farm was born from an appetite for beauty and a need for belonging.  Having lived a somewhat transient life in my formative years, (including New Jersey and Nicaragua) I have learned that there is power in place, in belonging to the land and to the people that surround me.  

Morgan Sharpe, Owner and Operator

Author and poet Wendell Berry once said, “if you don’t know where you are, then you don’t know who you are.” He is not referring to location but rather the knowledge of a place that comes from tending to the land and, more than that, of learning and telling the stories of the people with whom you share that land.

Tending the land produces anticipation for the beauty that the flowers I have grown will bring to the Chattanooga area.  I am grateful that my flowers act as a mediator reminding others of the beauty of this place to which we belong.

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